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Jake Hicks Workshop September 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 2017

Workshop Overview


Jake Hicks' name has become synonymous with bold colors and movement using studio lighting. For the first time ever, his workshop series will be offered in the United States in its complete format. If you are looking to not only add something a little different to your current body of work by introducing color, but also want to understand how the use of color gels will increase your knowledge of white light, this workshop cannot be missed. Take your commercial photography to the next level with a fully interactive workshop that covers the gear, lighting, posing, and post-production that has lead to Jake Hicks becoming a household name. Come to St. Louis for a 3 day immersive learning experience where you will make new friends, learn from a master, and leave with working knowledge needed to make stellar images.

Jake Hicks has never brought his workshop series to the United States before and is unlikely to do it again anytime soon. This Labor Day is your opportunity to take your game to the next level. Join us September 2nd - 4th, 2017 for an experience that few will ever get the chance to have. 


Pre Day 1 - Sept 1st, 2017 - Welcome Party 6pm-9pm

The welcome party is a staple to greeting all workshop attendees and an early chance to meet your instructor. Arrive at RGG EDU for a free, optional welcome party with complementary drinks, hors d'oeuvre, ping pong, and a photo booth. 

Day 1 - Sept 2nd, 2017 - Gel Lighting Workshop

The first day focuses on Jake's signature looks and teaches you how to properly introduce bold colors to your workflow. This day of the workshop Jake be explaining in detail some of his most popular and sought after colored lighting techniques. We'll start off by looking at how we can add interest with color to your standard studio lighting shots, then we'll be covering strong edge lighting techniques with gels and then finish up with a setup which involves a highly saturated colour wash. Throughout the day Jake will encouraging everybody to ask questions and he will be covering how to overcome some of the classic pitfalls usually encountered with gelled lighting. Everyone will get the opportunity to photograph and practice what they have learned. 

Topics of the day will include:

  • Subjective lighting: Let go of some of the rules of traditional lighting to create bold statements with color.
  • Essential lighting techniques to consider when using colored gels: Creating saturated and bold colors as well as how to create softer subtler colored looks with equipment you already have.
  • The fundamentals of color theory: Why color theory is so important and how powerful it can be when used properly. How to apply color theory with not only the lighting but with what your client or subject is wearing and the environment you're in.
  • Learning how to fully control and manipulate light with advanced setups: We'll be in a fully equipped studio but we will also look at how we can reproduce these looks in far smaller studio spaces like home studios with limited kit.

You will get the opportunity to learn, as well as apply, Jake's extensive knowledge which makes his shot stand out from the pack. 


Day 2 - sept 3rd, 2017 - Color and Exposure Workshop

If you own Jake's tutorial, get ready to bump your knowledge up a notch... day 2 is all new material! Jake's new Color & Exposure workshop is something he very proud of, we think you all will love what is in store for the day's events. As with all of Jake's workshops this will be an educational day where he gives you, the attendee, the skills and knowledge to be able to set up and recreate these shots in your own studio and photo-shoots. Even though this is about learning and transferring skills, everybody will get plenty of shooting time during each of the set-ups so all attendees with walk away on the day with memory cards brimming with awesome shots.

The first session is where of the day we will build several simpler lighting setups to demonstrate the knowledge covered in the morning's theory session. The morning's first shoot set-up will culminate in a more complex final mixed temperature lighting set-up that we can all take pictures of and work with the model to capture some great shots.

The second shooting session of the day is where we will take what we learned in the morning about color temperatures and introduce long exposures into the mix. This next setup will work with more lights and get the shooter to think about how their camera movement affects the shots when the shutter is open for extended periods.

The third and final shooting stage of the day will introduce yet more elements so that we are now working with multiple lights, coloured temperatures, coloured gels plus model and photographer movement. This final setup may sound complicated and although it is, the whole day's learning has been building to this stage and by the time we get here we will be well equipped to capture some truly unique and stunning imagery.

Below are examples of what day 2 will bring you: 

Day 3- Sept 4th, 2017-Post-Pro Workflow

This post production day is critical to bringing your images to life.

My Post-Pro Workshops are going to be an entire day of face-to-face learning about absolutely everything that Jake does to his images to ensure they look editorial ready in the most effective and efficient way possible. Jake will go over everything from Lightroom import and all the color adjustments and enhancements he does right into to his Photoshop workflow including professional skin retouching techniques and color toning application.



Having been a freelance photographer for over a decade, Jake has been fortunate enough to be involved with some very varied and influential clients. They have chosen him to represent their companies image and ideals because his work is always about ensuring a progressive aesthetic to any given campaign, with his results always standing out for the right reasons.

Being technically very proficient, and with a strong background in the pre-digital era of photography, his ability to capture dynamic visuals ‘in-camera’ without the need to rely on heavy post-production and photo manipulation has always made Jake far more adaptable on shoot day. It is for this reason that he has been the preferred choice for those clients who want to remain part of the creative process from start to finish. 

Jake is currently a lighting specialist with Bowens Lighting. In this role Jake has been training studio lighting internationally for one of the worlds leading photographic lighting companies. Jake also regularly writes and contributes to their quarterly industry magazine 'Litebook'.



The workshop is held in the 2 story 6,000 square ft RGG EDU world headquarters. The space is perfect for large events, photoshoots, and has amenities to have 3-4 large photoshoots happening at once for up to 40 people.





This workshop is for intermediate to advanced students that wish to further their knowledge in commercial photography. Students will learn the essentials of bidding, pricing yourself, prop styling, posing, lighting, camera systems, and post-production in Photoshop



$1500 3-Day Workshop

The 3-Day Workshop is a $1500 investment with a continental breakfast and lunch provided each day . You have the option of paying in 1 lump sum or in 2 with a deposit due before the workshop starts.



You are not required to bring anything, but we encourage you to bring your own DSLR and your own memory card. Any camera system is fine.

A portrait lens. As ambiguous as that sounds but anything from a 50-105mm DSLR lens will probably be fine.

Jake shoots Nikon so any Nikon shooters on the day are more than welcome to try some of his lenses as well.

A pen and paper to take notes.

A computer with Lightroom and Photoshop installed is highly encouraged, but not required, for the post processing day.